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Wax In order to meet the customized needs of customers, we provide wax sealing services.
Why wax seal? (1) In order to better seal and reduce the possibility of fraud
Wax sealing methods are often aimed at wines with outstanding aging potential. Therefore, wax glue can make the wine better seal, effectively avoid the interference of the internal wine, and reduce the possibility of oxidation or the rate of oxidation. Therefore, the wax seal can also extend the shelf life, or the sealer expects the wine to be stored longer. In addition, wax sealing wine makes the possibility of fraud less, but also allows the wine to better maintain the fresh flavor.
(2) Wax seal is a tradition In fact, wax sealing is a traditional way of sealing bottles, because in the past there were no heat shrinkable caps and tin caps as they are now. In order to better block the air, manufacturers will seal the bottle with cork and then seal the bottle. A layer of wax to ensure a tight seal. Even now some conservative manufacturers still use the traditional way of sealing bottles in the past. (3) Show the retro and individuality, while showing the traditional craftsmanship

Since wax sealing is a traditional way of sealing bottles, the use of this unique packaging seems to be more retro and individual, but also a tribute to traditional feelings, and can show consumers traditional handicrafts. This is partly In the eyes of producers and consumers, they are happy to see.

(4) Aesthetic effect

Roughly like some wineries are fond of designing artistic wine labels, naturally some wineries are willing to work hard on the way of sealing the bottles. I have to admit that wax seal wine does have a different kind of beauty in appearance. Whether it is a gift or to drink by yourself, this specialty wine seems to satisfy people’s pursuit of beauty.

(5) Marketing methods

Of course, there are also a few wineries that are purely for marketing purposes and want to attract consumers on packaging.





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