Laboratory / Sampling Services

In order to improve the quality of our services, we have set up a "laboratory department" for quality and safety


Let our qualified laboratory and QA Team look after all your analytical requirements using our state-of-the-art equipment all calibrated to the AWRI standards.

We can also provide sampling services if required, we can prepare samples to help you win the sale. If you wanted to see what a blended wine looked like using various components of different wines, we can blend the sample and supply you with full analysis.

Service to bottling customers Wines bottled at Harbour Bottling goes through our strict quality control process both pre and post-bottling. All wines that arrive at Harbour Bottling are tested for not only analytical parameters but also for LIP compliance and taste profile.

Le Mans Customers are then required to sign off on the results prior to the commencement of any bottling. This process is then repeated during and after bottling to ensure that the wine is not released into the market until quality assurance sign off.



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