General Manager

Dorham Pfeiffer

Coming from a second-generation wine family with a long history in the industry, vineyards wineries and production were in my blood, as a child we lived on site of one of the wine industries largest wineries, so this became my playground.



Adelaide, Australia

About me

My father had a saying why would you want to go away for school holidays and travel when you have a winery in your back yard.   It was a great lesson and exposed me to all aspects of the Wine Industry and created my passion to be part of this great industry from a very early age.

Having been in the wine industry in excess of 25 years working for Large Corporate and Family owned Wineries right down to the small / medium wineries I have been responsible for the of many millions of litres of both bulk  and bottled wine supplied to domestic and international markets.

Responsible for both Company Owned and Contract Bottling Lines / Warehouses and logistics not only in Australia but Internationally to ensure a smooth transition from Bulk wine to bottle. customer.

It does not matter of your size and background I believe everyone should be treated equally.

I see the role as General Manager as the conductor of Harbour Bottling Orchestra making sure we recruit / retain the right people.  Invest in the right equipment set up the correct procedures and ensure compliance so that all departments work together in harmony so we can listen to the beautiful sounds of bottles as they travel down the line ready for the customer.  As well as make a return for the investor.