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15 December 2015by admin

stodgily As a winemaker, Jason knows and loves good wine. Producing vintage wines at Leasingham, one of Clare’s oldest and biggest wineries, remains one of his fondest memories. After obtaining a Bachelor of Biotechnology at Shenzhen University where he wrote his final thesis on the fermentation process, Jason completed a Master of Oenology at the University of Adelaide in 2007.

Kijang Jason’s extensive experience in the wine industry spans careers at Belvidere Wines, South Australian Wine Group and ASC Fine Wine China, with a focus on developing the Chinese market. Projects he has worked on include the establishment of a wine bottling plant in Shenzhen. As cofounder and director of Orchid Wine Estate, Jason’s expertise includes

  • wine bottling, blending and storage
  • export service handling and distribution
  • logistics and documentation consolidation
  • export and customs brokerage
  • brand development, including wine label design and printing

The services provided by Harbour Bottling builds on the extensive network of distribution channels Jason has established in China via Orchid Wine Estate.

15 December 2015by admin

Jonathon grew up in Inner Mongolia in a family that was steeped in the wine industry. He could tell his spirits apart from the young age of five.

Before launching a career in the wine industry, Jonathon was an engineer who worked on notable construction projects such as the Beijing Subway and the Beijing Olympic Gym, after obtaining a civil engineering degree from Beijing Jiaotong University. Eager to further his education, Jonathon moved to Australia to complete a Master of Project Management at the University of Wollongong, NSW. He then worked in the Chinese wine export industry for several years, developing special expertise in wine exports and winery asset acquisition.

In 2010, Jonathon made his first trip to Adelaide to visit a friend and saw South Australia as a strategic place to establish a wine business. In May 2013, he established Orchid Wine Estate with his business partner Jason. They exported three containers the first year, but with dedication and perseverance, they grew their exports to 200 containers within a short span of two years.

Jonathon’s experience in construction is instrumental in managing the establishment of Harbour Bottling warehouses.

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