Free Trade Agreement between Australian and China

1 April 2016by admin

modafinil south africa price In June 2015, Free Trade Agreement between Australian and China was signed to reduce import good tax in China for a wide range of export goods from Australia. The FTA is believed a trigger of exporting business boom in Australia. In South Australia, AWTE Enterprise Pty Ltd was established on 5th March 2015 by four shareholders from different backgrounds, including wine exporting, real estate, media and marketing. The nature of this company is to fund and invest in industrial businesses in South Australia, and to develop export and trade platform between South Australia and China, as well as to create business opportunity with other major foreign countries such as other countries in Asia-Pacific economic region and America.
After 10 months of preparation, Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd, the very first business AWTE Enterprise Pty Ltd funded and invested, will be launched in late January 2016. Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd is located in Osborne, about 1 km to Adelaide’s major port and Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal, offering wine bottling, packaging, warehousing and exporting services. The company is aiming to develop a service platform for South Australia winery and other export businesses to assist them to export their products to overseas markets.

how to buy Lyrica online The total investment in Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd is over $5 million Australian Dollars, including bottling equipment purchased and imported from Italy, warehouse management system setup and other infrastructure development at the site. The company also creates over 20 local jobs in South Australia, including production line workers, exporting professionals, administration staff and senior managers. As the sole investor, AWTE Enterprise Pty Ltd has planed a 3-phase, 5-year development plan for Harbour Bottling Pty Ltd and later another business named Australia Trade and Export Group focusing on Australian food and wine products trade and export. The total investment will reach 25 million dollars, creating a medium sized company with over 60 employment opportunities.



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